Irish Cremation Urns

Irish Ceramic Urns

Ceramic artist, John Sherlock and his daughter Keri Shannon are the artistic and inspirational drive behind this business. They create and design handmade quality unique cremation urns for ashes. Having had some life challenges over the past years, John’s attention focused on urns and how to create them.
Irish Ceramic Urns’ is a contemporary revisiting of historical, mythological and spiritual Ireland and it is a hand crafted alternative to the mass-produced vessels of repose. “The collection is inspired by the Deities of ancient Hiberia. These deities represent the protection, spirituality and blessings, attributes that we aspire to emulate with our own highly unique repositories of final rest” explained John.

Moved by the influence of earth, wind, fire and water, so synonymous with Ireland, Irish Ceramic Urns promises the bereaved a secure, sacred and spiritual resting place for them or their loved ones. Conversely, the Irish soil from which these urns have been created imbues those who wish to be laid to rest in foreign climbs with a sense of eternal connection to the Irish soil.

irish Cremation urns

In 2015 Keri added to the collection of sacred cremation urns by introducing beautifully handmade water containers and pendent vials containing sacred Irish well water. These beautiful keepsake items make the perfect gift and token of spiritual Ireland. The handmade the clay bottle is glazed in green and filled with sacred water from a Holy Well in Ireland. By definition sacred water is not for sale, the water is a gift adding a special value to the items. “Holy Wells” in Ireland hold a unique role as symbols of the Irish culture and a connection with the natural environment

Artist John Sherlock

Ceramic Artist John Sherlock is an Irish born man from Limerick city. He was first introduced to pottery whilst in South Africa where he lived for 27 years. John spent 7 years working with a local potter before creating a business with his partner. When returning home to Limerick in 1999 John enrolled in the Limerick College of Art and Design where he acquired a Bachelor of Arts Degree as well as winning the Davern and Bell award. John has participated in many community events and has shared his knowledge with the community. John has exhibited his work many times over the years and currently displays his conceptual sculptures in the gallery in Newcastle West. He has also regularly taught school children in primary schools.

Artist Keri Sherlock

Keri was born in South Africa, and returned home to Ireland in 2001 after living for a time in England. Keri studied web design and ecommerce which lead her to furthering her education. She qualified from the Limerick Institute of Art and Design in 2010 achieving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design. Keri assists John teaching in primary schools as well as designing and managing the ecommerce web site for Irish Ceramic Urns. Keri also manages the photography and photo editing, all graphic design and marketing for their family business.